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"We are passionate about traveling and searching tours from trusted organizers"
In this one sentence you can describe our entire team and the idea behind the creation of our website.

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We are distinguished from others by cooperation only with proven trusted operators. We met with each of them in person, we checked how tours are prepared and carried out, and we checked what happens in the case of any problems. That is why the offer presented on LocalTours.shop is safe and guarantees quality. With us you can quickly compare offers of the same tours with different operators - this is the only website giving you that opportunity!

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By booking your local tours through LocalTours.shop, you also gain a partner who will help you clarify any doubts, answer any additional questions and help you solve any kind of problems. This means double safety for you and your tour companions. In addition, we have a policy of completely free cancellation up to 12 hours before departure time - just like that! :)

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We invite you to take advantage of the offer on localtours.shop or maybe, when you'll be around you're more than welcome to have a cup o coffee with us!

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The LocalTours.shop team has its office located in magical city of Cracow, which has been attracting millions of tourists for many years.

The unique atmosphere of this city - cultural and entertainment center encourages visitors to return countless times.

It is natural, therefore, that in such an environment a unique localtours.shop website is created, which aims to promote sightseeing of cities and nearby attractions using local guides.