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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pickup Point

Information about the pickup point of your tour is available on the ticket sent to your e-mail address provided during checkout. There you will find an exact map with the location, the address and a link to an interactive map with which you can designate the route to that place. In addition, the collection point is always visible on the tour card and during the booking process.


If you have not received your booking confirmation to your e-mail address, first of all: don't panic :) Check your spam folder first, sometimes it happens that e-mails from get there (as in the case of other providers). If you created an account during the booking process, you can log in using your access details. In your dashboard you will find all reservations with tickets and necessary information about it.

If you do not have an account and the ticket has not arrived in your mailbox, please contact us via the form or via email.
In most cases you don't have to print your ticket. However, check the additional information on the ticket. If our partner wants the ticket to be printed, you will find that information as the first one on the ticket.


If you are interested in making changes to the reservation, please contact us via the form or via email.


Usually, the refund will be made within one business day. However, we reserve the right to refund within 4 business days.


Yes, in most cases resignation of the tour is free if it occurred up to 24 hours before the tour starts. In other cases it depends on the partner. Most of them have no problem with resigning from the tour until it starts. All such information can be found on the tour card.
We will try to offer you an alternative tour, in which we will cover the difference in price. If this is not possible or you do not want to participate, we will refund your money.