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Cracow is a young city thanks to many universities, which attract students from all over the country and even aboad. The oldest monument in Cracow is the mound of Krakus - the founder of the castle. In Wawel there is the oldest church - the rotunda of St. Felix and Adaukta. Of course, the most important monument is the cathedral, where we find the graves of our rulers and their families, but above all all the relics of St. Stanisław Bishop, Patron of Poland. Next to the Wawel cathedral, it is worth seeing the beautiful Renaissance royal castle.

The city has many historic Gothic or Baroque churches, of which they are larger to St. Mary's Church with a magnificent altar made by Veit Stoss. Next to it, in the Market Square, we find the Cloth Hall and the tower remaining after the Town Hall, as well as the tiny church of St. Adalbert. It is worth visiting the underground of the Market Square under the Cloth Hall. There is a great exhibition about the history of Cracow since the tenth century.

The Old Town is surrounded by Planty garden. They were created after demolishing the city walls and covering the moat. There are equally small sections of the walls, the most important of which is called the "Światrołapu" section, i.e. three towers and the Florian Gate, in front of which we can admire the Barbican from the late 15th century.

It is also worth visiting other districts of the city: Kazimierz, Kleparz or Podgórze, which were initially independent cities, then included in the borders of Cracow. Kazimierz is particularly interesting, where in one of its residential areas Jews created their district here. There are beautiful synagogues and cemeteries. Cracow is still a young city, full of students here, but also older people, as well as tourists spend their evenings in the cafes and pubs of Cracow in the evenings. It is worth feeling the evening and even night atmosphere of this old town.

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