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Gdańsk is a port city on the Baltic Sea, one of the oldest cities in our country, and at the same time one of the most well-known Polish cities abroad with Krakow and Warsaw. It is Poland's principal seaport and the centre of the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area and also a significant cultural, scientific and economic center as well as an important communication junction - we can reach Gdańsk by car, bus, train or plane - to the International Airport of Lech Walesa.

Archaeologists prove that there was a settlement here as early as the 7th century. In the tenth century, the ruler of the Polish State, Mieszko I, connected the city with its immediate surroundings to his country. In 1263, Gdańsk received city rights. There have been many wars in the past about Gdańsk. In the Middle Ages, besides Poles, it was ruled by Brandenburgers, Prussians, and Teutonic Knights. Gdańsk was also conquered by the Napoleonic army in 1807 - at that time the Free City was also created for the first time. Once again Gdańsk became a Free City in 1920. The Gdańsk case was also one of the pretexts for starting the Second World War. It was from here that Schleswig-Holstein fired the Westerplatte. During this war, the city was destroyed by up to 90 percent. The city also witnessed modern history - it was here that the December 1970 Events took place - it was here that a known strike took place in the shipyard, it was here that August 31, 1980, the August Agreement between the government and Solidarity was signed. Gdańsk is also recognized by football fans - the city was one of the hosts of the EURO 2012 tournament.

Today Gdańsk is above all one of the largest cultural centers in Poland. It is impossible to list all the monuments and museums that are here. In Gdańsk, we will discover many theaters, opera and philharmonic. A lot of events are arranged here - for example the annual Dominican Fair, the festival All About Freedom or the Festival of Good Humor.

Gdańsk is also undoubtedly a large summer recreation center. There are coastal beaches in this area, a diverse and huge accommodation and catering base. You can spend your vacation here in luxury hotels and apartments, but you will also find places offering lodgings and rooms in Gdansk, there are also camping sites and camping sites.

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