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Visit and discover Krakow's centrally-planned Socialist district of Nowa Huta. Built decades ago as a competitive city for Krakow, it quickly became a part of it, a great metallurgical center, a place that aroused many emotions.

Nowadays the socialist part of Nowa Huta is starting to arouse interest and there is a chance that it will become one of many, but among them, unique tourist attraction of Krakow. Its main advantage is unique urban planning and architecture. In the opinion of specialists, Nowa Huta compared to other socialist realist cities from the countries of the former Eastern Bloc is the best implementation.

Foreign guests are delighted with the composition that exposes the designers' aspirations to the implementation of the perfect socialist realist city. Architecture, which was intended to be based on a renaissance, and which in practice is a mixture of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism, also falls very favorably and deserves a wider presentation. In the context of the socio-political system in which Nowa Huta was established, it is a kind of magical gate to the socialist realist era. Undoubtedly, it will arouse the interest of more demanding tourists looking for something new and different, with a specific aesthetic sensitivity and a deeper look at architectural, social and political issues, because they have together made up its image.

Nowa Huta requires perception in a very broad context, while rejecting all ideological prejudices, because this approach guarantees appreciation of it as a kind of phenomenon that it was and is.

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