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Cracow City Sightseeing tour

There are always at least few option to know with the city bit closer!

Cracow City Sightseeing

Cracow Local Tours

For many tourists from home and abroad, not being in Cracow is like not being in Poland at all. Of course, you can disagree with this opinion, but you have to admit that Cracow is one of the most representative cities in our country, offering a lot of various local tours for its explorers! There are few option to get to know with the city bit closer.

City Sightseeing can be very convenient. When we decide on a melex trip, we can be sure that we will see the most important points in the city very efficiently. What's more, usually along with the trip an audiobook is put on, which will reveal a bit of the history of the Old Town, Kazimierz, Ghetto or Wawel. Audio comments are prepared by licensed professional guides. Another advantage of Melex tours is convenience and accessibility. Regardless of how much and when we come to Krakow - electric cars and drivers work 7 days a week! Visiting Krakow by Melex is an ideal option for people who value convenience and convenience.

The most known type of sightseeing that is practiced all over the world - Of course, it is a guided walking tour. Comparing them to Melex rides, you definitely have to say that they are much cheaper. In addition, a licensed, professional guide lead us around. You can ask questions, learn something extra. The undoubted disadvantage of walking tours is that during a short getaway for the weekend, seeing only "basic" places would take hours.

Bicycle tours and seagway - it is a combination of the both above options, i.e. transport speed and direct contact with the guide. There are usually several routes to choose from, from which you can choose the ones that interest you the most. Renting a bike or Segway is also included in the price of the trip. By choosing this type of trip you can see the city from a completely different side than walking or car window.

So the choice is yours and there are many possibilities. We encourage you to book your trip now by choosing one of the above option! 

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