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Drinks tasting and Pub Crawls tour

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Drinks tasting and Pub Crawls

Warsaw Local Tours

From hipster crowded places and craft breweries, to pubs in sports or traditional English or Irish style, as well as karaoke bars - pubs can surprise with their diverse climate!

Visiting several popular places in the city opens up the opportunity for visitors to see the city's night face, feel sense of its climate and meeting new people.

Regulars in pubs are usually very friendly and sociable. A local pub is a place where they can meet and talk. Exchange messages, jokes and gossip. Quarrel and debate. Enjoy and plunge into black despair. The atmosphere is usually cheerful, although sometimes you can hear a few malicious comments, and maybe even see a few tears: "All human life is here" ...

Practical info

  • Every Participant has to be at least 18 years old

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