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You must try it! Traveling around cities can be a pleasure for the palate!

Food Experience

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You must try it! Traveling around cities can be a pleasure for the palate. Monuments and cultural institutions are not the only attractions that await tourists. Cities also offer taste pleasures - and those pleasures are worth trying! 

The growing popularity of culinary tourism is due to several reasons. First, many regions seek to obtain authenticity certificates for their regional specialties. In this way they prove their uniqueness and rich tradition, attract tourists and ensure the survival of local producers who could not withstand the competition with counterfeits and mass production. Regional authorities and associations are also putting a lot of effort into advertising these products, and visiting the city is one of the most important target groups.

Secondly, the fast pace of life and the dubious quality of fast food mean that you often miss a valuable, tasty and healthy meal. An expression of this is the growing interest in organic products, slow food meals and food prepared according to traditional recipes, having short storage and consumption periods, and which would always be fresh.

There are also other reasons for the popularity of culinary tourism, e.g. the desire to experience something new and exciting, which may be associated with trying an extremely exotic delicacy, or the desire to broaden your knowledge of the culinary art. The inclusion of elements of culinary tourism in the trip plan is a great way to break the boring patterns of holiday travel and make your vacation much more attractive.

Book one of these coulinary tours to expirience traditional and modern dishes of the place you are planning to visit!

Practical info

  • To taste any alcoholic drinks or food containing alcohol you must be at least 18 years old 

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