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Ghetto, the Jewish residential district

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The "Jewish residential district" was created by the order of the Governor of the General Governor's District of the Generalgouvernement, Otto Wachter, dated March 3, 1941. It was located on the right side of the Vistula, in Podgórze. Its area covered the area between the Podgórze Market Square, Vistula, Krzemionki and the railway line Kraków - Płaszów.

Four gates led to the ghetto, the main one was at the intersection of Limanowskiego and Podgórze Market Square. The area left the Polish population, and Jews lived within the ghetto. The ghetto was surrounded by a wall in the shape of Jewish tombstones, and it was punishable by death for leaving it without special permission. In December 1942, the Cracow Ghetto was divided into two parts - part A was inhabited by people fit for work, while in part B people were not working and older.

To this day, small fragments of the ghetto walls have been preserved in two places: at Lwowska street and at the back of the former gymnasium in Podgórze at Limanowskiego street. The fragment at Lwowska street is in good condition, while at Limanowskiego street only a small part has been renovated, the rest is quite damaged.

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