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Gdańsk, Gdanzc, Dantzk, Dantzig, Danzig… however it was called, the meaning is always the same: proud, wealthy, independent and beautiful Gdańsk. Its character was shaped by gold and the vanity of wealthy merchants who came here from all corners of Europe and simply considered themselves “Danzigers” (citizens of Gdańsk). The source of prosperity of the city of Gdańsk was is its perfect location. Over time, it became the largest city of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the largest harbor on the Baltic Sea, supplying Europe with Polish grain, Polish timber and “Baltic Gold” — amber. The city was the birthplace of Daniel Fahrenheit, Arthur Schopenhauer and Günter Grass; Napoleon once said, “Gdansk is the key to everything” and so created the first Free City of Danzig. Much, much later, the second Free City of Danzig was intended by Hitler to become one of the most Nazi cities in Europe and was to become home to the headquarters of the NSDAP. The world’s largest military conflict began with strikes on Westerplatte and the Polish Post Office — the first battlefields of WWII. It was also here in Gdańsk that the strike by the shipyard workers led by Lech Wałęsa heralded the beginning of the end of communism in this part of Europe.

Come join us for a walk through the cobbled streets of the Main Town with its elegant, slender buildings with charming terraces, visit the largest brick church in the world, see the largest medieval crane in Europe and listen to the fascinating history of the City of Freedom.