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Old Town Lviv

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The Old Town is a historic district of Lviv. It includes many valuable monuments, among them: the Latin cathedral in the Gothic style, the Armenian Cathedral, the Wołoska Church, the Cathedral. St. Jura, Lychakiv Cemetery, Dominican Church, Jesuit Church, Market Square, Town Hall, Arsenal, Powder Tower, Union of Lublin Mound, Main Station, Prospekt Swobody, City Theater, Lviv University and Lviv Polytechnic.

There are 44 tenement houses in the frontages of Lviv Market Square, differing in age and architectural style. The neoclassical Town Hall building was erected in the 19th century and replaced the Renaissance town hall, which collapsed. From the top of the town hall tower you can admire the panorama of Lviv. In the corners of the market - from which two perpendicular streets extend - in the nineteenth century, four well-fountains were erected. The sculptures decorating them depict Neptune, Diana, Adonis and Amfitrita.

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