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The City of Nicolaus Copernicus and Gingerbread

Old Town Toruń

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The neer to the river location of Toruń and the possibility of easy movement offered by it, caused that the first settlers appeared in these areas already 9th century BC. The Amber Trail known in middle ages passet thtough Toruń. In the place where the Old Town of Toruń is today, the first stronghold was established, in which representatives of the Lusatian culture settled.

The settlement, founded in the Chełmno region, probably survived until the end of the 12th century. Destroyed as a result of Prussian invasions, it allowed the Teutonic Knights to settle in this area. The first mention of the appearance of the Teutonic Order comes from around 1230.

The Teutonic stronghold received city rights on August 13, 1264. The location of Toruń meant that already in 1280, the city belonged to the Hanseatic League, an extremely important trade organization at that time. Over time, Toruń was appointed as the Hanseatic secretary, which influenced the rapid development of the city. The first churches and the town hall were built, and the number of inhabitants at that time reached 20,000.

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