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A place born for the second time from WWII ashes

Old Town Warsaw

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Warsaw, the capital of Poland, the main city of the Masovian Voivodeship, currently has about 2 million inhabitants. It is the main political, scientific, economic and cultural center of the country. There are headquarters of the most important central offices, embassies of other countries, the Polish Parliament.

Warsaw's showcase is undoubtedly the Old Town, beautifully rebuilt after numerous destruction from the Second World War. They were reconstructed according to old plans, they were erected from scratch from the rubble remaining after the war.

Walking through the narrow streets we have the impression that time has stopped here, but it should be remembered that most of the colorful, beautiful tenements and various decorations decorating them were reconstructed over half a century ago. It is here that we find such the most interesting, most characteristic places immortalized for tourists like Castle Square with a monumental Castle, Old Town Square, Old Town Mermaid, Gnojna Hill, Stone Steps and the Barbican.

Rebuilt from scratch after the war damage, the Royal Castle is one of the most-visited attractions in Warsaw. We can see valuable exhibits in his chambers, among others royal thrones. At the foot of the Castle, from the side of the Vistula, there are meticulously restored arcades - Kubicki Arcades - and two-level gardens. It's worth seeing all these places, but also look where the guides usually don't lead us.

The Warsaw Old Town is the only urban layout that has been completely rebuilt after the war damage and entered on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Some historians and modern architects believe that the current Old Town is much nicer than the one destroyed. It is mentioned that before the war these areas were mainly inhabited by the urban poor. There were dingy wooden annexes and crumbling, dirty sheds.

Being in the Warsaw Old Town it is worth going to the picturesque Kozia street. We will find here a characteristic "bridge of sighs" connecting tenement houses on both sides of the street. There is also one of the most interesting Warsaw museums: the Caricature Museum founded on the initiative of the cartoonist Eric Lipiński, presenting collections of graphics, paintings and satirical photographs. The place in 2015 was appreciated by the British daily The Guardian, placing them on the list of the ten most unique museums in Europe.

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