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Oscar Schindler, whose name has become widely recognized after the legendary film by Steven Spielberg "Schindler's List" by historians, is considered today a controversial figure. Although there is no doubt that he had a lot of merits in the field of saving the Jewish population during World War II, not all the biographical motifs that got into the collective consciousness were properly explained. 

One of the film scenes shows Schindler dictating the list of names of people of Jewish origin, who were then transferred to work, which saved their lives. Did the list really exist? Some of the researchers, as well as the witnesses of those events, maintain that list like that had to exists, and the author was certainly Schindler himself. 

The opponent of this view is the American historian David Crowe, who investigated the tragic history. His polemic is based on a series of documents and an interview that Schindler gave after the war. So he breaks with the film version, which in no way detracts from the merits of Oscar Schindler in the field of saving the Jewish population. It is worth recalling that the German entrepreneur of Austrian origin, during the Second World War, ran a thriving factory Deutsche Emailwaren-Fabrik located in Krakow's Podgórze (today there is the Schindler's Museum). He employed over 1,000 Jewish workers, whom he provided with the necessary protection against German extermination. In 1944, he managed to transfer some of the charges to the factory in Brünnlitz, and then save them from deportation to Auschwitz. After the war, his merits were appreciated by the Israeli Institute Yad Vashem, who in 1993 honored Schindler with the honorable title of Righteous Among the Nations. Schindler himself died almost twenty years earlier.

Today we are inviting you to disover that story by yourself - pick a tour and find out which of above do you think is closer to true. 

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