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Wieliczka is a small town in the south of Poland near Krakow, known mainly from the historic Salt Mine. It is the only Mining in the world that has been operating continuously since the Middle Ages until 2007. Its original excavations - sidewalks, ramps, service chambers, lakes, shafts - with a total length of about 300 km were located on 9 levels, reaching to a depth of over 300 meters.

More of salt mine

After sightseeing, you can rest in a unique complex of chambers 125 m underground, where you can find souvenir shops, a restaurant and a post office. The stay in the Mine is especially beneficial for people with upper airways and allergies. It is worth noting that on September 8, 1978, the Mine was included in the list of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO, joined the first 12 facilities around the world. During the walk, we will listen to many legends, as well as wonderful chapels, charming underground lakes and original equipment. Shared section for sightseeing is a 3.5 km route at a depth of 64 - 135 m.

Practical info

  • Maximum size of bags allowed to take to the mine is 20cm x 30cm ( an A4 size ) 
- bigger bags can be left in the bus
  • Taking photos requires a permit which can be bought in the Salt Mine’s office for 10 PLN
  • The temperature in the mine is between 14° C and 16° C
  • There are 800 steps in total, 350 at the beginning take you down to the mine. You should wear comfortable shoes - there is a lot of walking
  • We do not recommend this tour for people who suffer from claustrophobia

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